History & Sightseeing

From our historic communities to our natural wonders, Hardy County will amaze!

Take a walking tour through the historic town of Moorefield or follow the Civil War Markers throughout the County. Climb to 3200’ to the overlook at Cranny Crow and see the Tusing Cabin built up there in 1840. Rich agricultural land in the valleys, some cleared by early Shawnee, saw French and Indian War battles and the conflicts of the Revolution.

Lore has a young surveyor, George Washington, canoeing up The Trough. It’s an amazing place and you can paddle the river or take the Potomac Eagle train through the same canyon. The Forest Reserve Act brought about the George Washington National Forest in 1917 and in the 1930’s the Civilian Conservation Corp built the bridges, trails, cabins and shelters to create Lost River State Park. Everywhere you look you’ll see our history, your history and Experience the Hardy Effect!

Historic Homes, Barns & Buildings

The history of Hardy County is well represented by the nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. To see a list of historic buildings, research resources  and cemeteries see the following PDF’s.

Historic Structures & Resources

Moorefield Walking Tours

Spend an afternoon following the self-guided tours of North Main Street, South Main Street and Winchester Avenue to learn about some of the founding residents of Moorefield, WV. Click here for more information about Moorefield’s Walking Tours.

Rail Adventures

Railroads crisscrossed the hills and ran along the valleys to transport timber and passengers commuting to nearby Winchester, VA. Now you can relive a piece of that rail experience with rides on the Potomac Eagle. In addition to the “Santa Train” and the special Heritage Weekend trip, you can schedule rides that offer great views of the countryside. A highlight of the trip is where the train edges between the narrow gorge of the “Trough,” where the waters of the South Branch of the Potomac are so clear fish can be seen sunning near the top of the water. The area is known for Bald Eagle sightings, so bring the camera! (800) 22-EAGLE or (304) 538-2305 or visit www.potomaceagle.info.

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